What is Revamp?

A brief but informative podcast/video that will help you make better decisions about your website redesign. The content is curated from dozens of interviews with marketers, consultants, and platform specialists about their advice. Benefit from the experience of experts in 30-60 minutes to avoid costly mistakes with your project.

In Revamp, you will get answers to these questions:

The insight you need to revamp your website. FAST!

Get a 1 hour video, podcast, or ebook packed with the most important insights from over 20 of expert interviews.

  • How do I achieve ROI?
  • Should I switch CMS when doing a redesign?
  • Should I redesign when switching CMS?
  • What are the biggest mistakes when doing a redesign?
  • How to decide if I should do a redesign?
  • How do I make an internal business case for a redesign?
  • What CMS to choose?
  • What can and should I outsource? What not?
  • What is a realistic time frame?
  • How much can it cost?
  • How do I set a budget?
  • How do I select a provider?

What will get you get?

1 hour summary in your choice to arm you.

Over 20 hours of in-depth conversation to dig deeper.

Direct connection to experts.

Right now, get free* early-bird access.

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Revamp is an initiative developed and lead by a group of passionate marketeers, designers and developers to help fellow professionals with web design challenges. The initiative is produced by InboundLabs.


Regular subscription will be $199. We currently allow early birds to sign up for free while we schedule speakers and conduct the first interviews.

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